Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Have You Considered Retiring Abroad? Here are the Best Places According to Forbes...

Have you recently retired? Are you planning your retirement? Trying to figure out what’s next?

Have you considered moving out of the United States, but never had the means to do so?

Moving abroad is a big decision, but don’t be put off the idea if it appeals to you! It may be easier than you think.

According to Forbes, “many countries offer a high standard of living at a much lower cost and throw in good weather, great scenery, and fascinating culture at no extra charge.”

To see Forbes’ list of the best places to retire abroad in 2019, click here!

Imber Wealth Advisors can help you plan how much it costs to retire in Ann Arbor, or abroad!

Our family-focused firm will create a plan to align your money and your life goals.

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