Friday, July 20, 2018

How to Design Your Ideal Retirement

Have you started designing your ideal retirement?

What does your ideal retirement look like?

Do you and your partner share the same ideas for retirement?

Nowadays, retirement can be many different things: shifting from full-time to part-time work, beginning a new career from scratch, stopping work altogether, volunteering, or simply stopping work and traveling.

The possibilities for retirement are endless. “New” retirement assumes you’ll live another 20, 30, or 40 years in retirement, so having a plan for what you’ll do post-career is more important than ever!
According to Forbes, here are some of the things a financial planner can help you decide about your retirement:

  1. “Long-term care insurance – is it right for you? What will premiums cost you and will this insurance be sufficient to staunch the drain on your assets if you need at home or institutional care?
  2. Significant reserves for health care – Medicare covers some medical costs but these need to be supplemented with savings.
  3. The possibility that adult children or grandchildren will need significant financial support – are you willing or able to help in that way (if you want to)?
  4. What happens if you’re married and your spouse unexpectedly needs care or predeceases you – are you still able to fund your ideal retirement?
  5. Longevity risk is a key issue for this new generation of potential retirees. It’s great to live longer, but how will you fund your lifestyle if you live into your 80s or 90s?”

Talk to the Experts on Financial Planning in Ann Arbor

Working hand-in-hand with an expert in financial planning is the best way to examine all of your ideal retirement scenarios and see how many of them will leave you on solid ground to begin your perfect retirement.

To talk to a financial planner who can help you examine all your options and who cares about not only your money goals, but your lifestyle goals too, contact Imber Wealth Advisors!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Career Planning Can Benefit Your Retirement Plans

Have you met with a financial planner recently?

Did they ask you a lot of questions that weren’t directly related to money?

Are you wondering why they spent more time asking about your family, your career goals, and even upcoming travel plans?

For many, financial planning is all about saving for retirement. Some people just want help managing investments, or making the right decisions at the stock market. However, most decisions, large and small, are connected to your financial situation in some way.

A great financial planner will not only help you sort out your priorities and goals for your career and retirement, but help you reach other goals like taking that big trip around the world, or buying your dream home.

At Imber Wealth Advisors, we look at the full, 360-degree view of your retirement to make sure your money goals align with your lifestyle goals. We want to help you achieve a worry-free retirement! Talk to one of our friendly team members to see if financial planning in Ann Arbor could benefit you! Contact us today!